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#295: Francesca Vavala, The Sales Joint

Cannabinoid Connect 295: Francesca Vavala, Alias Cann

Francesca Vavala is the co-founder of The Sales Joint, a cannabis sales and marketing agency that helps cannabis cultivators get their products into more stores.

Francesca and her sister Emily are the youngest successfully separated conjoined twins in the U.S. Emily, who had severe cerebral palsy, sadly passed away from pneumonia at the age of 31 in 2013. Not long after, Francesca discovered cannabis could have helped Emily cope with the spasticity that caused her fatal pneumonia and given her a better quality of life.
Francesca’s discovery led her to explore opportunities in the cannabis industry, and in 2017, when a chance to start Alias Cann came along, she quickly jumped on it.

Topics Discussed:

  • Born a conjoined twin
  • No one grows alone mindset –
  • Infused: A Cannabiz Talk Show

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