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#397: The Evolving Landscape of Cannabis Packaging Technology with Jack Grover

Cannabinoid Connect 397: Jack Grover, Grove Bags

Jack Grover is the founder and CEO of Grove Bags, a provider of cannabis packaging specifically tailored for the unique physiology of the plant to create the perfect climate for cannabis preservation.

While serving as CEO, Jack has helped steer the business year in and year out with tremendous growth while the products become a household name in the industry having packaged millions of pounds of product and are present in nearly every cannabis market globally.

About Grove Bags

Grove Bags equips growers & consumers to efficiently preserve the quality of their cannabis from Cultivation to Consumption with USA-Made Packaging powered by TerpLoc® Technology. Grove Bags’ vision is to raise the quality standards in the cannabis industry, cementing TerpLoc® as a globally recognized cannabis packaging solution everywhere cannabis is found. 

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