Growing and Cultivation, Lifestyle and Consumption Methods, Restorative Justice and Social Equity

#271: Jim Belushi, Belushi’s Farm

Cannabinoid Connect 271: Jim Belushi, Belushi's Farm

Jim Belushi is the Founder of Belushi’s Farm. Belushi’s Farm encompasses a sprawling and spiritual 93 acres with 1,800 feet of Rogue River riverfront in Southern Oregon’s Banana Belt where the sun, water and air make the perfect combination to sustain naturally powerful and beautiful cannabis.

Topics Discussed:

  • Growing Belushi and cannabis edutainment
  • Restructuring Belushi’s Farm with GrowGen and Fohse
  • Expanding in OR, CO, MA, and OK
  • Season 3 sneak peek
  • Last Prisoner Project and social justice efforts

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