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#31: Louie Lujan, CIMA Law Group

Cannabinoid Connect #31: Louie Lujan, CIMA Law Group
Louie Lujan is the Director of Government Relations and the Senior Lobbyist at CIMA Law Group, a reputed law firm in Phoenix which offers legal and consulting services in Immigration, Criminal, and Business matters at affordable price.

Topics Discussed:

  • Rescheduling and Regulating Cannabis at the Federal Level
  • SBA including cannabis companies in COVID-19 relief programs
  • The vaping crisis and consumer safety 
  • Undercutting the illicit market 
  • Equal access to banking 
  • Social justice and equity in the cannabis industry 
  • Fair tax policy 
  • What Local, State and Federal governments do to improve public perception of cannabis
  • Free trade for cannabis related products and reforming U.S. Customs practices that unnecessarily harm American businesses by obstructing imports of legal products

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