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#14: Nicolas Botti, Grow With Jane

Cannabinoid Connect #14: Nicolas Botti, Grow With Jane
Nicolás Botti is the Co-Founder & CEO of Grow With Jane, an app for planning and tracking personal grows.

Topics Discussed:

  • The cannabis market in Latin America (Argetina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Peru) 
  • Home growers – the size of the market
  • U.S.states and countries that allow personal grow for cannabis
  • The Cannabis plant’s two main stages in its life cycle: vegetative and flowering 
  • Best journaling techniques and growlogs 
  • Best Trimming techniques, nutrient schedules or tent sizes
  • Increase in Grow With Jane users during the lockdowns
  • Mamá Cultiva’ – an organization formed by mothers with chronically ill children and how they’re using the Grow With Jane app to help them grow cannabis for pain relief against conditions such as epilepsy

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