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#285: Jacqui Childs, Cannabis Wiki

Cannabinoid Connect 285: Jacqui Childs, Cannabis Wiki

Jacqui Childs is the Chief Content Officer of Cannabis Wiki, the industry-leading resource on cannabis education.

Jacqui is an online social influencer with a following of millions. She is an international best-selling author, she co-wrote a book sharing her struggles with mental health, drugs, and alcohol abuse. Jacqui is now living pharma-free thanks to plant-based medicine and travels the world sharing kind and authentic stories of how she came to the plant. Jacqui is a brand ambassador for several Cannabis brands and expos. She is currently the co-host of Canada’s Premier podcast “The Green Room” in partnership with

Topics Discussed:

  • Cannabis censorship vs. nudity censorship
  • Internet trolls
  • Plant medicine & psychedelics to treat chronic depression
  • Media manipulation
  • Cannabis community & culture

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